Naked Plane Mechanic Trent

Naked Mechanic

I love men who have what you would call manly occupations; it’s just something so visceral and virile about them.

Take Trent for example, this straight plane mechanic spends days and nights at the airport, making sure each and every plane on his list is safe to fly. If you ever arrive safe to your destination, it’s thanks to naked straight men like him. This straight mechanic has a thick cock and a hairy chest, I know because he’s crashed at my place more than once.

His unusual work shifts work wonders for me, I never know when I’ll get a visit from him and you all know how naked straight men with a thick cock put me into a photographing mood! I never put Trent down for calling or dropping by at odd hours, the later it is and the more drunk he gets the better! This was such an occasion!


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