Naked USMC Jake Bradley


Jake Bradley is a dream come true, everything about this USMC Marine spells hotness, from the Veni Vidi Vici tattoo scribed across his broad chest to the cock piercing on his massive erection. This Marine has a huge collection of body art, and I guess I only got to glimpse the most obvious ones the day I met him working out at the gym, but I did get to see more than expected when we hit the showers afterwards.

I had not seen a naked Marine before and I did my best not to seem too obvious and to conceal my erection as much as possible. Jake Bradley is a very chatty guy and showed much interest in my photography projects. I told him I could definitely see him as a model if he ever chose a different career path and that I’d be more than happy to include a USMC Marine in my portfolio. Jake Bradley was more than happy to participate and as we finished showering I told myself this is the type of guy I’d love to bend over to get the soap for!

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