USMC Jake Bradley

USMC straight men Jake

Man, it had been such a long time since I had last seen USMC Jake Bradley, but worry not because he is back and sexier than ever! I was ecstatic when I saw a mail from him in my Inbox, telling me he was going to be around town for business and asking if he could stay over at my place so he could save on lodging and enjoy the “pleasure” part of his business trip! Jake had already squirted his load in front of my camera before and had really enjoyed it, so he was looking forward to more fun, and so was I.

He came over and we went out to a local restaurant for dinner, then had some beers at the sports bar across the corner from my place. You know, you have to get into the zone before a shoot and when Jake was finally there, we made it back to my place, where I set up my rig while he got himself warmed up to some hot boy on girl porn, this was going to be an amazing shoot!

Like I said, I left Jake watching some boy on girl porn while setting up my rig, and judging by the way his eyes are fixated on the screen and his hand is rubbing the huge bulge underneath his denims, he is enjoying it. He pulls his sweater up so he can play with himself, fondling his chest and abs while he rubs his package, then he removes it completely and unzips his jeans.

I like the rhythm this is taking and I can’t wait for him to get rid of the pants and whatever else is underneath them. Jake doesn’t make me wait long and pulls out his dick, with a sexy piercing underneath the frenulum. He strips naked and stands up, massaging his ball sack while he pumps his thick dick in front of the camera. He goes back to the couch, so he can keep watching his porn movie and masturbating, his free hand caresses his inner thighs and stimulates his nipples, he’s just so sexy to look at while he  plays with himself. Jake is taking his time and letting his orgasm build up inside him, picking up intensity and speed along with the scene until finally, his hard cock jerks and he releases several generous wads of hot, sticky cum that splatter all over his hot body! Naughty boy!

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Naked Straight Man USMC Jake Bradley

Naked Men USMC

USMC Jake Bradley is back and sexier then ever! Watch him drip precum the whole time he’s stroking until he finally blows a healthy load!  Join Now

Naked Men USMC


Naked Men USMC

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