Adam BJ

Adam – 24 | 6’ | 175

This video was shot a few days before Adam appeared on the T.V. show Blind Date. He was up late the night before this shoot and got hot and bothered by all the girls at the strip club.

Adam had no problem staying hard throughout the shoot and really enjoyed his first blow job by a guy, as you can tell! He was really into it and focused on how good it felt.

In the last clip you hear Adam moaning and groaning throught until finally he warns you he’s gonna shoot his load in your mouth.



Clip A   Clip B   Clip C   Clip D   Clip E   Clip F   Clip G   Clip H

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  • StanB June 26, 2012

    He enjoyed his first blowjob from a guy? Fuck, I wanna be the second guy to blow his dick! Loved this scene, fucking incredible and made me blow my load jerking off to it!


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