Amateur Boxer Vinny

Amateur Boxer Vinny (5)
I met amateur boxer Vinny at the local gym and I swear when I saw him from afar I thought this naked jock was none other than my favorite action star, Vin Diesel!

Vinny was practicing with the punching bag and I approached him to strike up a conversation. He cracked up when I asked him for his autograph and told me that being a dead ringer for Vin Diesel and having a hard cock has brought him plenty of luck with the ladies! This got me curious, if this naked jock did indeed have a hard cock as he claimed, I really needed to get a good look at it. After finishing our work out we hit the showers and I got a preview of what this naked jock was all about, prompting me to ask him if he’d like to drop by my place, eat some pizzas, drink some beers and enjoy a couple of Vin Diesel movies! Vinny was game!

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  • Elizabeth May 20, 2012

    Girl! I’m afraid to hug Vinny right now! Did you see where he went ahcpeit on the news girl fanatics in a 6 month old post?! Heh, Vinny, you know we love you =)


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