Uncut Australian Cock

Uncut Australian Cock


Straight naked Australian Tristan has dropped out of college and been financially cut off by his parents. So naturally what does he do to make some cash?

This video has never been published before. I came across Tristans’ tape (yes tape) while going through my archives. I’ve come across several older videos I shot that I’ve never published and I’ve sent them to my editor to convert to HD so they can be published here in the coming weeks.

About Tristan: What does a naked Australian with a big dick do after dropping out of college and not telling his folks about it to kill time? Watching straight porn at my house seemed like a reasonable reply to such a question for my good Aussie pal Tristan.

My good friend got into college last year but spent most of his sophomore year partying, drinking and getting laid. That in itself is not a bad thing at all, but his grades suffered from it, forcing my pal to drop out. Telling his folks about it is not such a big deal, but paying them back the tuition money they invested in him sure is! Find out more about naked Australian Tristan here.

Old School Bonus Update

What is an Old School Bonus Update?

An Old School Bonus Update is a bonus update of our older material that has never been published, or has been published but with multiple low quality clips, and does not count as part of our weekly updates of new videos. Old School Update videos have been re-edited and formatted in the modern HD format, so you will be seeing new footage at HD quality in one video file instead of multiple clips. Our complete library of older videos is in the process of being reformatted for HD and all will be posted as old school bonus updates every week, until all older videos have been updated to one HD video file.


  • Frederick May 28, 2012

    I love to see when a big uncut dick like Tristan’s drops to the side like that, makes it seem like it is so big and heavy like that! Thank God you found this lost tape for us!

  • Samuel July 11, 2012

    Too sad Tristan dropped out of college, still loving his big uncut erection…

  • brucee October 10, 2017

    Perfect size to play with and milk….


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