CJ Price – 21 | 5’9 | 160

CJ Price is a HOT marine that decided he wanted to try something different in life so he gave us a call! You can see sexy USMC marine tattoo on his left arm. CJ absolutely refused to be filmed by a guy so I had our really good friend Jessica do the filming this time. BUT don’t think I’ll let this stop me from trying. You guys know how persistant I can be 🙂

This guy has a cock to die for and major porn potential! You can expect to see more of him here and on other sites!


Clip A   Clip B   Clip C   Clip D   Clip E


  • alfred June 15, 2012

    His face didn’t really tell me much at all, until I got a look at that HUGE cock! Man! Jealous!

  • julian July 17, 2012

    CJ is a formidable straight man with a beautiful big dick and when I say formidable, I do not say it lightly. This hot man has a lot of potential!

  • Fantasio89 September 20, 2012

    I’m a sucker for a hot straight guy with a big hard cock like CJ’s! I’d love giving him an oily massage and a blowjob!

  • Fantasio89 October 11, 2012

    Loved watching hot straight stud CJ blowing his load after stroking that big dick!

  • Esteban November 21, 2012

    OMG, that CJ I could suck those big balls and hard cock all night long.


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