College Jock Casey

College Jock Casey (5)

Hot College Jock Casey just seems to get better and better as time goes by.

It’s got to be all the sports he’s into and I’d love to be part of his team, just so I could check this naked jock and his thick cock in the showers after a practice or a game. He’s just the kind of straight guy that can awaken your deepest homo-erotic fantasies. Casey is still living the College life, balancing studies, sports, partying and working at the Call Center.

I try to get him to pass by the house as much as I can, always keeping a chilled six pack of his favorite brew in the fridge; what better way to loosen up this hot naked jock and get him to show off his big thick cock and mushroom head in front of the cameras? Friday night was just around the corner and Casey called me to let me know he’d be dropping by…

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