College Philosophy Student Serge

Naked Student Serge

To be naked, or not to be, that is the question… Serge is a college philosophy student I met on Campus one afternoon, while I was taking some pictures.

He was reading some book about Philosophy and I struck up a conversation that started at ethics and morale and somehow ended up with watching straight porn, a hobby both of us seemed to have in common. Serge is a pretty handsome guy and as we palavered I could see the way many girls, and quite some guys, were checking him out. Turns out Serge is also a volunteer for the Arts class and has been their model several times, who doesn’t like to paint or sculpt naked straight men with a good live model as inspiration? I told Serge I’d be honored to have him as a naked student in a photo shoot any day of the week… little did I know he’d take me on my offer right away!

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