College Swimmer Evan

College Swimmer Evan (6)

College is a great place to find models, especially if you are looking for a straight jock to take off his clothes and play with his cock in front of the camera.

Tuition and partying can take a toll on their wallets, and most college students don’t have time for a full time job. I posted some ads around Campus and soon got a call from Evan, a hot College swimmer with an amazing body that puts Aquaman and the Submariner to shame! This straight jock was interested in making the transition to naked jock, figuring having a tape and some pictures of himself in the nude would help him score with the co-eds and earn him some extra cash. I told him to swing by the studio in the evening and when the bell rang, I was happily surprised with this straight jock, he looked great! I invited him in so he could get comfortable enough to take of his clothes and show me what a naked jock could do in front of the camera.

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