David – 22 | 6’1 | 175

David is a tour guide here in Australia. When he found out I did porn he was curious to see what it’s all about. Late one night David called me and decided tonight would be the night he’s give it a shot. After he showed up we had a couple drinks and started shooting.

I was shocked at how big David’s cock was. Every time I’d get close to get a good shot of his cock he’d twitch it in my face.. after the third time of that happening I put my mouth on his cock, with the camera aimed at his face, wait til you see his expression!


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  • Pierce June 15, 2012

    David could be a Hollywood star with those looks and I love the fact that his dick curves downwards just like mine (I usually see upward pointing dicks on naked men), I would put my mouth on his cock any day of the week (and twice on weekends).

  • Georgie July 18, 2012

    Love watching hot guys like David in the nude! That big curvy dick looks delicious! Would love to see him totally naked in sexy sneakers and socks too.

  • GabrielHandal October 16, 2012

    David is so hot! I could tell his huge dick was filled with cum just waiting to blast out in a heavy load!

  • Israel November 9, 2012

    David, my love, I want to suck hard on your big straight cock and lick your balls until you shower me with your cum!


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