Devin II

Devin – 20 | 6’3 | 195

This is Devin’s second video with his huge 10 1/2 “ cock on display. He was supposed to fuck his girlfriend for this shoot but she was a no show, so we went to the porno store and got a latex ass for him to fuck. His cock is so big it dwarfs the latex ass. After a while we had to stop filming with the latex ass as the hole was so small it was making Devins monster cock sore! I offered to help make it feel better but was turned down.. this time he he

Devin is a 20 year old Southern California surfer. Notice the tattoo of a wave and surfer on his back with his last name under it? Hopefully we will see more of Devin soon.


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  • Georgie July 18, 2012

    Great job on this hottie! If I would have a big dick like that I would be jerking it all day long and putting it inside every single available hole around the house! Hot damn!

  • Robert November 1, 2012

    I don’t get why Devin isn’t featured more prominently on the site. He has a fantastic body, the looks and an incredible big dick!

  • Norbert November 9, 2012

    I enjoyed Devin’s hot body and large cock so much, just wished I was that rubber ass he was fucking!

  • Eddie November 22, 2012

    So fucking hot! Who is this guy and how can he be so fucking hot!?! His dick is like the biggest thing ever!


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