Gym Instructor Andrew

Gym Instructor Andrew

The local gym is a great place to meet straight men and Andrew is as straight as they come.

I struck a friendship with him upon discovering he is a huge classical wrestling fan. I am more into the entertainment themed wrestling, but since some of those stars have actual wrestling backgrounds, we found several topics to talk about. Latin men always catch my eye and such was the case with Andrew, as we talked about wrestling, staying fit and stuff, I could not help but wonder what his straight cock might look like.

Turns out Andrew has a girlfriend and he really cares for her, except for the fact she doesn’t approve of his taste for porn. It’s perfectly normal for straight men to talk about porn and even watch it together, so I invited Andrew over to my place for an evening of watching straight porn without worrying about girlfriends. He loved the idea!

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  • Apolo June 1, 2012

    Andrew is eye candy and one of the hottest naked men I’ve seen squirting here! I know a swimmer in my yoga class and he has a hot body, but nothing like Andrew’s!

  • Javier July 12, 2012

    You need to get this hot stud to give us a training session totally in the nude, his big cock would definitely motivate me to exercise!

  • Victor November 1, 2012

    This straight guy is so hot! I want to see more of them. By them I mean his big dick and smooth balls, lol!

  • Raine November 22, 2012

    Wow, this macho straight stud is perfect, please send him my way so I can play with his big cock!


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