Latin Cory

Latin Cory

Cory is a sexy Latin jock and he lives just a few blocks from my place.

I can’t say we’re really tight, but we have hung out together several times, usually during a BBQ or watching a soccer game at somebody else’s place. Cory actually asked me to film a few of his team’s practices, what better way to get by foot in the door and maybe convince him into showing me a bit more of that sleeping boner he keeps underneath his shorts?

After they were done practicing, I invited him over to my place, hoping the Latin jock would be interested in watching me edit the footage. A few beers later, 6:00 pm had turned into 2:00 am! Cory was falling asleep on the couch and I told him it was okay if he wanted to just crash for the night. He didn’t think of it twice and in a matter of minutes I had a handsome sleeping jock in the studio. Now if only I could get a better look at his big sleeping boner and maybe awaken it from its slumber…

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