Latin Jock Martin

Latin Jock Martin (6)

A Latin jock with a big uncut cock; that pretty much describes Martin! Martin is sexy, spicy, saucy 100% Latino and his accent is as killer in a conversation as his batting is in the baseball field!

This guy has a massive bat, and I’m not talking about the one he uses to drive curve balls off the field and score homeruns! Well, I bet that thick cock gets him to home without even trying too hard! Martin is a proud Latin jock, proud about his heritage, his Latino background, his sports skills and his thick cock! You know when guys get together and shoot the breeze watching the ball game and chugging down beers, conversation always centers on chicks, sex, pussy and who has the bigger dick and stuff like that. On a night like that, we started talking about cut and uncut dicks and Martin didn’t hesitate to whip out his huge uncut cock and let me have a good look at it, making me wonder if a few more beers would get him to show off even more in front of my camera…

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  • alison April 9, 2012

    your so hot,your even hotter than the sun

  • Fedrick May 26, 2012

    Wow, this guy’s got like the hairiest crotch ever, and super dark curly pubes! Is that like some sort of Latino thing? Loving it!


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