Marine Clint

Marine Clint (1)

Clint is a straight marine with huge arms and a stare that commands attention.

Just by his size you can tell this guy is packing a big cock and when I spotted him at the bar, I decided to buy him a few drinks to show my respect for the military. Of course I was curious about filming a naked marine too! A couple of beers loosened up this big guy and he started telling me some wild stories that had me rolling in laughter, all of which featured his big cock and all the trouble it gets him into! I figured a naked USMC like him gets action anywhere he goes, but tonight he just wanted to kick back and relax. I discovered Clint is crazy about football, my cue to invite the naked marine over to my place for some more beers, Buffalo wings and to watch some games on my big ass plasma TV! Once there, I’d figure out how to get this naked USMC and his big cock on film!

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  • victor L. harris April 27, 2012

    nice big dick

  • Greg July 7, 2012

    Love to see this stud on sleepingmen.


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