Australian Handyman Maxwell

Naked Straight Australian

Every now and then, stuff breaks down around the house and somebody’s got to fix it, right? That somebody used to be me, I’m pretty crafty and I can do most of the handiwork myself, until I figured out that by doing so, I was saving some money on hiring, but missing out on the opportunity to meet a hot stud like straight Australian teen handyman Maxwell.

I met (and filmed) this guy a while back, I just couldn’t find the right time to post him on the site! This boy is so sexy! He smelled great and has a nice full hairy bush, not to mention when he cums he squirts quite hard and a lot! As you can imagine, Maxwell was willing to do much more than just fix the broken pipes in the basement and he turned out to be one promising adult model! Check him out in the members area, read his full story and watch the video of this beautiful uncut Australian teen doing what teen guys do best!



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  • Robert Ryrie Vancouver BC Canada July 4, 2018

    Thank you so much for the first best of what I have seen before.


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