Australian Surfer Cody

Naked Surfer


Cody – 25 | 6’2 | 185

Straight Australian surfer Cody is a stud! With his looks, his body and his big cock, this surfer dude can get all the pussy and dick he wants almost effortlessly! The funny thing about Cody is that you would never imagine this naked Australian is shy!


Naked Surfer


He has a girlfriend and loves watching straight porn, but that big cock deserves to be shared with everybody, no matter their sex, don’t you all agree? There is just something magical about a straight cock getting filmed, stroked and maybe even sucked by another guy and I know Cody is willing to let his shyness to the side in the name of art!

Turns out Cody’s girl gets super hot when she watched the footage I filmed of her stud, so I wasn’t surprised when Cody showed up unannounced at my door letting me know he was ready to get some more footage down on film!

We will definately be seeing more of Cody fucking his girlfriend for the camera to prove he is straight.

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  • Garay July 10, 2012

    Liked watching that bulge of a thick cock under his briefs!


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