Naked Drummer Coho

Naked Drummer

When a pair of guys share a six pack, or several of them, a topic of conversation that usually pops up is that of having sex with women from all over the world.

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For many men, this is what their bucket list is all about; at least it is for my good friend Coho, an Irish hunk I met at a local Irish Pub during Saint Paddy’s, where he plays drums for a cover band. What this straight stud doesn’t know is that I have a very similar bucket list, just that in my case it involves naked straight men instead of women. I already managed to film several straight studs of varying nationalities, but a naked Irish was definitely missing in my collection, and Coho would fill the spot so well! Turns out my good friend was feeling homesick, he hasn’t visited Ireland in many years and would love to have a chance to see his family. Mmmm, maybe my naked Irish fantasy is not so far from becoming a reality! To see more of Naked Drummer Coho click here!!!



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