Naked Kickboxer Zach

Naked Kick Boxer

When you are in the business of getting naked straight men squirting on film, it’s good to have a wide social network.

Many times I find new talent through old acquaintances, as was the case with kickboxer Zach. This naked jock was introduced to me by another kickboxer I had the pleasure of filming, Deric. I had actually seen these two going at it in the octagon a couple of times and their bouts had been quite impressive, their skills match very closely. Enemies in the ring, these guys are tight friends on the outside. Of course, kickboxers are competitive, not just in the octagon, pretty much in anything they can compete in. To my good fortune, the competition turned towards who had the biggest straight cock, and since I already had naked jock Deric on film, I needed to get Zach too so we could compare! At this rate, I might release a DVD of just kick boxing naked straight men! Go here to see more of Naked kickboxer Zach and read more of his story.

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  • Jason B. May 28, 2012

    I wouldn’t jump into the octagon with this hot kick boxer but I wouldn’t think twice about jumping in bed with him and sucking that big dick until it gives me its heavy load! More Zach, please!


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