Australian Motocross Racer Spike

Australian Motocross Racer Spike (1)

I had the pleasure of working with Australian motocross racer Spike while he was recovering from a biking mishap that left him grounded for a couple of weeks.

He needed the cash and I needed new straight men for my projects and he filled the spot perfectly. Spike enjoyed his first shoot so much (and I sure had a blast filming this naked Australian and his uncut cock too) that he got in touch with me asking if we could give it another go.Spike is a genuine guy and his spontaneity shines through on camera, he’s just a young cock that enjoys riding bikes, meeting chicks and watching straight porn and lives the moment to the fullest. He showed up at my place around afternoon with his bike and he was more than ready to have some beers, check out some porn, get naked and masturbate in front of the camera!

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