Naked Skateboarder Stuart

Naked Skatboarder

Stuart and his skateboard just moved down the block a couple of weeks ago, a hot stud with short dirty blonde hair and sideburns with dark, bushy eyebrows and an amazing body adorned with several tattoos.

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I could hear the unique sound of his board’s wheels riding along the pavement as he did his tricks and stunts in our cul-de-sac. One afternoon I decided to step outside with my camera and tripod and take some shots and we became buddies right away.

I complimented him on his skateboarding skills and his rad tattoos, while my mind already pictured this naked skater posing in my studio, stroking his big hard cock and releasing a big cumshot. Stuart asked me if I photographed nude chicks too and laughed when I told him I like to work with both nude girls and guys, and that I could use a naked skater to add to my portfolio! To read the whole story and watch him shoot 10 hot squirts of cum Join Now


  • Charlie May 26, 2012

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  • JohnnyD August 16, 2012

    Accolades for getting this hot skater boy to strip naked and jerk his cock so we can see him squirt his heavy load!

  • Daniel K. November 13, 2012

    Excellent solo wank, what a talented straight guy and what a beautiful hard cock between his skilled hands!


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