Triathlete James Wilson

Naked Triathlete

James Wilson is a triathlete with a chiseled body and ripped abs that very well resemble a Greek god or a Spartan from the famous film “300”.

I met James, as you can imagine, during a triathlon that took place in my town. Believe me, I was sure I wouldn’t make it through a third of it, but it was actually James’ girlfriend at the time that invited me to participate, and I had heard so much about her naked straight man, I needed to see for myself and maybe meeting him would give me the opportunity of filming an athletic naked jock.

James has the body many of us dream of having, plus he’s a great, funny guy. Of course I lost track of him 30 seconds after the triathlon started, but we met again at the end. He was drinking some Gatorade and I was getting some oxygen from a tube behind the ambulance, lol! Maybe the naked jock felt sorry for me, and offered to drive me back home after leaving his girlfriend at her place, the perfect chance to get this naked straight man on film!

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