Peter – 21 | 6’3 | 180

Peter is a hot personal trainer that doesn’t mind taking off his clothes and showing off his sexy body. This is Peters first test shoot, just to make sure he can get hard and cum in front of a guy and a video camera. Peter was pretty nervous during the shoot and was pre occupied looking at hot girls on the beach outside the high rise window. Between the porn playing and hot chicks on the beach it wasn’t long before Peter blew his load all over the couch and floor.




  • AlexanderM July 3, 2012

    He’s a cross between a sculpture by Michael Angelo and a Calvin Klein underwear model, super yummy! Can’t wait to check out his hard cock!

  • Gilbert July 25, 2012

    Peter is a really nice straight guy enjoying being the center of attention, and with a body and a big cock like that, he should be! Great show

  • BilbaoSexMachine November 14, 2012

    Peter is absolutely HOT! I want a guy with a body (and a big dick) like that!


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