Restaurant Dishwasher Grazio

I met Grazio at a local restaurant I love to go to, where he works as a dishwasher.

I usually sit close to the kitchen doors, so I can peek inside and see the action taking place in the busy kitchen. Grazio is a Latino and my taste for naked Latin men made me take notice of his masculine body. I managed to exchange a few words with him as I left the place while he was out on the parking lot, smoking a cigarette during one of his breaks. Straight men can bond easily with activities such as watching straight porn together and I knew I wanted to bind with naked men tonight, so I invited him over to my place. Grazio liked the idea, straight men would not put much thought into an invitation from another guy if there’s beer, pizza and good porn thrown in the mix. Yes, the movies I had in mind featured lots of hot. To see more of Grazio click here!!!


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