Russian Athlete Roger

Naked Russian Athlete

Roger is a Russian college athlete my friend Derek put me in contact with. He saw him naked in the locker room several times already and knew he’d be the type of naked athlete I’d like to film. Not only does he have an amazing body, his cock is huge and uncut

Naked Russian Athlete

It’s pretty hard to stumble upon a naked Russian with an uncut cock and I begged Derek to introduce us.

We met at a nearby bar a few days later and I clicked with the naked Russian from the very first shot of vodka. Roger comes from a poor family and he loves having the opportunity to send them money and as soon as he found out he could make fast and easy cash with his uncut cock and naked athlete body, he wanted in, and he wanted in now! That’s the type of attitude I love! I picked up the tab and left the bar with my naked Russian in tow, I could hardly wait to get this naked jock on film and watch him squirt some Russian cum all over the studio!

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  • Jason Wells May 5, 2012

    This guy is HOT and reminds me of a dude at my college is he in San Diego?? Good stuff and hot cock!


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