Skateboarder Surfer Paolo

Naked Surfer


Naked surfer and skateboarder Paolo is well endowed both in talent and huge cock size.

I still remember meeting him early morning while jogging by a practically empty beach. Paolo was riding the waves and something about him caught my attention. Yeah, it was indeed his big cock, because this guy was surfing in the nude! I approached him after he hit the beach and started chatting with him, trying to avoid staring at his uncut cock, which was pretty much erect. I can’t tell if it was the chill of the morning or he was just excited, but it was definitely a site worth seeing. One way or another, this naked surfer did not feel any inhibition about either his nudity or his big cock. Paolo is a naturist and he loves surfing or skateboarding in the nude, and does so every chance he gets. I asked if he would like showing off his big cock and squirting it in front of the camera and he loved the idea just as much as I loved the sight of that gorgeous uncut cock!

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  • Nestor July 8, 2012

    Always nice to see new guys with an uncut cock, they look so much better than the snipped ones.

  • JohnnyD August 15, 2012

    I wanna ride the waves of this sexy surfer’s hard cock and suck his big dick until he cums all over my mouth, that’s how hot this scene and this guy are!

  • Izzy October 25, 2012

    The cock squirting on this video was great. Paolo seemed to really enjoy himself in front of the camera.

  • Jay K. November 15, 2012

    Paolo is a wonderful straight man and it’s hot watching him squirt his heavy load for us!


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