Straight Cop Jared

Straight Cop Jared (1)

Jared is a straight cop and also what you would call a hairy bear, though that is something I found out later, lol! We didn’t get off to a good start; he stopped me for speeding and was ready to put me a ticket.

I wasn’t speeding on purpose, it’s not my thing, but I was aware that I broke the law and willing to pay for it, when the straight cop noticed my camera equipment on the back seat. Turns out that Jared is not just a photography enthusiast, he had quite a stint as a model before joining the Police Academy.

By his build, I could tell this guy had a thick cock and I wondered if I could lure him into the studio. When this straight cop asked me what I photographed, I short straight from the hip; I don’t like lying about my work. He seemed actually amused and started laughing, a roar of a laugh that made his broad chest shake, making me take notice of the fact that this guy was a hairy bear! He asked me if I’d like to film a naked cop and maybe he’d let me off without the ticket! Hell, I’d film a naked cop even with a ticket!

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  • Thom Hewson July 9, 2013

    HOT! everything about him is ALL MAN! really love his square-jawed handsomeness.

  • Alexander Gordon October 14, 2013

    I find him hot, because he’s just a hot man, I’m homosexual – not gay – & very confused about why gay guys gawk over these men, but stylise themselves after the Gay media’s portrayal of gay men instead of styling themselves according to what they really like – like this regular guy. Eg. I don’t shave my bush – gay guys LOVE it – me too & I don’t like shaved/waxed men – hairy cracks included, welcome mats, hairy upper arms & backs even, so if you yourself think it is so HOT – why don’t you just grow your bush?

    • bradman October 24, 2013

      Have to agree with Gordon. Hot guys have bush. Would love to see more bushy guys. Brad

    • BARRY May 8, 2014

      I want this guy on

  • Mik Isit November 1, 2013

    Such a sexy man! Would love to see him take a piss in his jeans or briefs in a video or pic set.

  • Keith Robinsn January 9, 2016

    gorgeous mouth watering body as i would love to be tasting ever inch of his body one day,beauty at his best pity we live worlds apart as i would enjoy tasting you day and night

  • ventroaq February 25, 2018

    What a disappointment! Such a hot, handsome, man who leaves his body hair natural, and then has to go ruin it all by trimming his pubes!


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