USMC James

Naked USMC


James is a former USMC Marine and I met him courtesy of our mutual friend, Ty.

The great things about mutual friends is that it makes my job a lot easier for me! I had already got Ty and his big pierced cock on film and it was Ty himself who told me he shared this experience with James, who was more than eager to get his hard cock in front of the camera too, as a birthday gift to his lovely wife! How sweet is that? As sweet as his sweet precum must taste like, I reckon! I told Ty I’d be glad to help James make a homemade movie for his lady and he hooked me up with James, who agreed to pass by my studio later that night. I was going to make this USMC Marine and his hard cock look good for his lady and I was sure going to enjoy watching the sweet precum from his cock as he inspired himself in front of me!

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  • JohnnyD August 17, 2012

    James looks like a serious man, but it seems he comes around once he’s naked and jerking his big army dick!

  • Fantasio89 September 19, 2012

    Keep bringing us military guys with hard cocks, they are so good!

  • Alfred N. November 16, 2012

    Mmmm, James, baby boy, you are so cute and hot! You have a beautiful body and a big dick, I wish you would fuck me hard!


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