Will Hung

Will Hung – 22 | 5’8 | 155

Will is a military boy with a big cock and an attitude. He thinks his monstercock can get him anything he wants… and in our case it gets him some extra cash and a shot at his first porn video.

Will is a straight guy that has a big cock and doesn’t care who’s watching him jack off, as long as they don’t touch. ( can’t say I didn’t try either! ). Will likes stroking it to hard core pussy porn. The dirtier the porn.. they better for Will!


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  • Anonymous July 5, 2012

    This straight guy made my eyes pop out of their sockets, that has to be the biggest, hardest, juiciest dick you have ever got on camera, dude!

    • allen s. October 4, 2018

      so far all of these clips have been super hot hot..kept me semi the while time i don’t know about the last one i”ll have tobust my nuts… or explode……thats what their expected to do right ? get off…


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