Pete & Courtney

Pete – 19 | 5’9 | 155

Courtney answered and ad we had out for girls wanting to do porn. The next day we were filming her with Pete.

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Sean – 25 | 6’2 | 185

I met Sean in a local pub here in Eastern Australia. One of the girls spotted him from a distance and couldn’t resist trying to get him to jack off for the camera.

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Steve – 19 | 6’1 | 165

I met Steve through a door to door magazine salesman named Jeff that we shot video of.

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Stylz 18 | 5’10 | 165

Stylz is a carpenter by trade but likes to do what feels good.. especially when he gets paid! Stylz has deep eyes and a sexual energy that does not stop!

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Tyler – 20 | 5’11 | 175

Tyler is a system administrator for an online live porn site and wanted to be in front of the camera for once.

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Tyson – 21 | 6’1 | 185

Tyson came straight off the local college campus. He’s a fratboy on a mission to have the best time possible and do everything once.

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Will Hung

Will Hung – 22 | 5’8 | 155

Will is a military boy with a big cock and an attitude. He thinks his monstercock can get him anything he wants… and in our case it gets him some extra cash and a shot at his first porn video.

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Zack – 19 | 5’10 | 175

Zack was spotted on campus by one of our girls. He’s on the row team and wasn’t afraid to show off his meat on camera for the girls to download at school; probably because his cock is so long and fat!

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