Straight Personal Trainer Harris

Straight Naked Personal Trainer

Damn, talk about cocky! Straight personal trainer Harris is as cocky as they come, and with that body, blonde hair and clear eyes, he’s got lots to brag about! This guy kinda reminds me of Dolph Lundgren, the action star. He was referred to me by a mutual friend, since Harris wants to become a famous porn star, so other men and women can enjoy the gift that is his sculpted body, huge cock and even bigger ego, lol! Just kidding, guys!

This was quite an interesting shoot, starting off with an interview and everything, almost like having Harris on the casting couch for a porn movie. He even let me touch his BIG LONG cock a few times but was adamant that he wouldn’t let me jack him off and that he couldn’t cum with a dude stroking his dick. Well, if you wanna find out how it went, I invite you to take a look…

Harris sits comfortable on the “casting” seat and tells us a bit about himself. He is a self proclaimed “sexual beast” and he wants to get into porn for the sexual fun, figuring out what can be cooler than getting paid to fuck? He has really laid back, confident attitude and a charming smile and his body is pure perfection, definitely a lean and mean squirting machine! After warming up with the convo, Harris is ready to strip naked for the camera.

He rubs his generous bulge over his denims and takes off the tank top, unbuckling his belt and letting g me unzip his jeans and release the beast within. I’m really impressed with this guy’s body and it’s hard to take my eyes off it, until I see his dick! It’s big, cut and veiny, and his ball sack is totally shaved and pretty impressive too.

He lets me touch it just a bit and then starts stroking. At first he’s hesitant about letting me jerk him off, but after a while, he lies back on the couch and relaxes, letting me masturbate him. By now, that big is as big and hard as it can get, throbbing in my hands and I think as much as Harris doesn’t want to admit it, he’s really getting into it. He swears he can’t cum like this, but soon releases a heavy load of jizz that splatters all over his amazing body! Priceless!

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Naked Drummer Coho

Naked Drummer

When a pair of guys share a six pack, or several of them, a topic of conversation that usually pops up is that of having sex with women from all over the world.

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Australian Nut Farmer Brett

Naked Australian

I remember meeting Australian nut farmer Brett during a surfing trip to Australia a while back and I had a blast filming this naked Australian and his big, beautiful Australian cock in the hotel room in which I was staying.

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Restaurant Dishwasher Grazio

I met Grazio at a local restaurant I love to go to, where he works as a dishwasher.

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High School PE Coach Michael

High School PE Teacher

Coach Michael is a totally straight guy, but underneath his pants, this naked Coach hides a thick cock that straight man would be jealous of and curious men would love to hold in their hands, stroke and suck!

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Lifeguard Jeremy

As you can imagine, I met naked lifeguard Jeremy on the beach. He’s just 19 and horny as hell. So horny that when I stroked him for a few seconds it made him shoot a HUGE straight boy load of over 5 squirts!

Lifeguard Jeremy (8)

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Straight Cop Jared

Jared is a straight cop and also what you would call a hairy bear, though that is something I found out later, lol! We didn’t get off to a good start; he stopped me for speeding and was ready to put me a ticket.

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USMC James

Naked USMC

James is a former USMC Marine and I met him courtesy of our mutual friend, Ty.

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College Philosophy Student Serge

To be naked, or not to be, that is the question… Serge is a college philosophy student I met on Campus one afternoon, while I was taking some pictures.

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