Naked Student Serge
College Philosophy Student Serge

To be naked, or not to be, that is the question… Serge is a college philosophy student I met on Campus one afternoon, while I was taking some pictures.

He was reading some book about Philosophy and I struck up a conversation that started at ethics and morale and somehow ended up with watching straight porn, a hobby both of us seemed to have in common. Serge is a pretty handsome guy and as we palavered I could see the way many girls, and quite some guys, were checking him out. Turns out Serge is also a volunteer for the Arts class and has been their model several times, who doesn’t like to paint or sculpt naked straight men with a good live model as inspiration? I told Serge I’d be honored to have him as a naked student in a photo shoot any day of the week… little did I know he’d take me on my offer right away!

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Naked Mechanic (5)
Naked Mechanic Caleb

Naked mechanic Caleb cleans up for the camera and gets his gear off to reveal his most prized tool.

I have known Caleb for several years and he’s got under the hood of every car I’ve owned during that time. This mechanic is straight, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of gay clients he has, apart from other straight guys and tons of women! Why, you ask? This guy is not just a great mechanic and an honest guy; he’s a chiseled stud that somehow lost his calling in life as a nude model to become a grease monkey! Naked straight men are a turn on for me, and many times have I imagined Caleb’s hard cock under my hood! I actually used his auto shop as a location for shooting several projects, including more than one featuring naked straight men. Caleb didn’t mind, that’s how cool this cat is, even joking about the guys having nothing compared against his thick cock! If Caleb only knew how I dreamed of having his hard cock clashing against my thick cock like two meaty swords sparring!

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Russian College Athlete Roger (5)
Russian College Athlete Roger Roger is a Russian college athlete my friend Derek told me about.

He saw him naked in the locker room several times already and knew he’d be the type of naked athlete I’d like to film. Not only does he have an amazing body, his cock is huge and uncircumcised. It’s pretty hard to stumble upon a naked Russian with an uncut cock and I begged Derek to introduce us. We met at a nearby bar a few days later and I clicked with the naked Russian from the very first shot of vodka.

Roger comes from a poor family and he loves having the opportunity to send them money and as soon as he found out he could make fast and easy cash with his uncut cock and naked athlete body, he wanted in, and he wanted in now! That’s the type of attitude I love! I picked up the tab and left the bar with my naked Russian in tow, I could hardly wait to get this naked jock on film and watch him squirt some Russian cum all over the studio!

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Military Roman
Military Roman I always love having the chance to shoot a straight military stud squirting all the hot cum from his big cock and when I was told about Roman, I couldn’t wait for the chance to meet him.

As it turns out, timing could not be better. Roman finished his last tour of duty about half a year ago and he’s had trouble finding a good gig. Some mutual friends told him about my line of work and the straight military let it be known that he was down with it. We set up a meeting at a local club and I was surprised with his handsome looks and cheery disposition, making me want this naked military stud on my studio a.s.a.p.! Roman let me know this would be his first time posing naked on camera, but he was actually excited about it and with a body like his, who wouldn’t be?

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