Australian Motocross Racer Spike (1) Australian Motocross Racer Spike

I had the pleasure of working with Australian motocross racer Spike while he was recovering from a biking mishap that left him grounded for a couple of weeks.

He needed the cash and I needed new straight men for my projects and he filled the spot perfectly. Spike enjoyed his first shoot so much (and I sure had a blast filming this naked Australian and his uncut cock too) that he got in touch with me asking if we could give it another go. Spike is a genuine guy and his spontaneity shines through on camera, he’s just a young cock that enjoys riding bikes, meeting chicks and watching straight porn and lives the moment to the fullest. He showed up at my place around afternoon with his bike and he was more than ready to have some beers, check out some porn, get naked and masturbate in front of the camera!

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Beau – 21 | 5’9 | 160

Beau is in college taking the year off to goto Japan and work for a car company teaching English.

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Brian – 21 | 6’3 | 195

Brian is a gunner for the USMC and just got back from Iraq with a new lease on life and wanting to do something different. Brian is a mans man. He has a HUGE cock and a way about him that just makes you want to be all you can be.

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Charles – 22 | 5’10 | 160

I met Charles at an pub deep in the Australian bush. After a couple drinks we started talking about what kind of work we do.

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Christian – 21 | 6’2 | 180

Christian is a laid back, easy going, Australian that has an “anything goes” attitude. Christian heard about my porn work through a friend and contacted me.

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CJ Price – 21 | 5’9 | 160

CJ Price is a HOT marine that decided he wanted to try something different in life so he gave us a call! You can see sexy USMC marine tattoo on his left arm.

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Clay – 20 | 6’2 | 180

Clay is from Tasmania and visiting Australia. He’s interested in starting a porn carreer but couldn’t get hard on this, his first shoot. So I turned out the lights, switched on the nightvision and gave him a helping hand!

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Collin – 19 | 5’11 | 165

Collin is a body border and part time club kid that loves showing off his hot body and well hung cock for the girls. He doesn’t work out and has a slender, natural body.

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David – 22 | 6’1 | 175

David is a tour guide here in Australia. When he found out I did porn he was curious to see what it’s all about. Late one night David called me and decided tonight would be the night he’s give it a shot. After he showed up we had a couple drinks and started shooting.

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Devin II

Devin – 20 | 6’3 | 195

This is Devin’s second video with his huge 10 1/2 “ cock on display. He was supposed to fuck his girlfriend for this shoot but she was a no show, so we went to the porno store and got a latex ass for him to fuck.

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