Australian College Dropout Tristan (1) Australian College Dropout Tristan

This video has never been published before. I came across Tristans’ tape (yes tape) while going through my archives. I’ve come across several older videos I shot that I’ve never published and I’ve sent them to my editors to convert to HD so they can be published here in the coming weeks.

About Tristan: What does a naked Australian with a big dick do after dropping out of college and not telling his folks about it to kill time? Watching straight porn at my house seemed like a reasonable reply to such a question for my good Aussie pal Tristan.

My good friend got into college last year but spent most of his sophomore year partying, drinking and getting laid. That in itself is not a bad thing at all, but his grades suffered from it, forcing my pal to drop out. Telling his folks about it is not such a big deal, but paying them back the tuition money they invested in him sure is! If he doesn’t, I bet his dad will cut his balls off, and Tristan’s big uncut cock just wouldn’t look the same without the gonads that go with it! Tristan knows about my work, and asked if he could make some extra money posing as my model. How can you say no to a college dropout like him?

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This is an Old School Bonus Update

What is an Old School Bonus Update?

Unlike our weekly update of new videos, An Old School Bonus Update is a bonus update of our older material that has never been published, or has been published in the distant past but with multiple low quality clips ( the standard at that time ), and does not count as part of our weekly updates of new videos. Old School Update videos have been re-edited and formatted in the modern HD format, so you will be seeing new footage at HD quality in one video file instead of multiple clips. Our complete library of older videos is in the process of being reformatted for HD and all will be posted as old school bonus updates every week, until all older videos have been updated to one HD video file.
Jersey Boy Joey Jersey Boy Joey

Jersey Boy JoeyThank God for home delivery! It’s not just the most practical way to get food and stuff without having to step a foot out of the house, it’s also a great way for me to find new male models to shoot naked, and when hung Italian stud Joey ringed my bell, I just knew I had to somehow get this guy and his big cock naked and squirting it in front of my camera!

I thought that convincing this naked delivery man to show me his big Italian cock would be complicated, but it turned out to be one of my easiest catches! Turns out Joey is close friends with Cory, whose big cock has already been introduced to me, so Joey pretty much had an idea of my appreciation for sexy straight studs with a big cock and he let me know he was more than available for a modeling gig! To read more of his story and watch him blow his load Join Now

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Naked Kick Boxer Naked Kick Boxer Zach

When you are in the business of getting naked straight men squirting on film, it’s good to have a wide social network.

Many times I find new talent through old acquaintances, as was the case with kickboxer Zach. This naked jock was introduced to me by another kickboxer I had the pleasure of filming, Deric. I had actually seen these two going at it in the octagon a couple of times and their bouts had been quite impressive, their skills match very closely. Enemies in the ring, these guys are tight friends on the outside. Of course, kickboxers are competitive, not just in the octagon, pretty much in anything they can compete in. To my good fortune, the competition turned towards who had the biggest straight cock, and since I already had naked jock Deric on film, I needed to get Zach too so we could compare! At this rate, I might release a DVD of just kick boxing naked straight men!
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Naked USMC Jake Bradley


Jake Bradley is a dream come true, everything about this USMC Marine spells hotness, from the Veni Vidi Vici tattoo scribed across his broad chest to the cock piercing on his massive erection. This Marine has a huge collection of body art, and I guess I only got to glimpse the most obvious ones the day I met him working out at the gym, but I did get to see more than expected when we hit the showers afterwards.

I had not seen a naked Marine before and I did my best not to seem too obvious and to conceal my erection as much as possible. Jake Bradley is a very chatty guy and showed much interest in my photography projects. I told him I could definitely see him as a model if he ever chose a different career path and that I’d be more than happy to include a USMC Marine in my portfolio. Jake Bradley was more than happy to participate and as we finished showering I told myself this is the type of guy I’d love to bend over to get the soap for!

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College Jock Casey (5) College Jock Casey

Hot College Jock Casey just seems to get better and better as time goes by.

It’s got to be all the sports he’s into and I’d love to be part of his team, just so I could check this naked jock and his thick cock in the showers after a practice or a game. He’s just the kind of straight guy that can awaken your deepest homo-erotic fantasies. Casey is still living the College life, balancing studies, sports, partying and working at the Call Center.

I try to get him to pass by the house as much as I can, always keeping a chilled six pack of his favorite brew in the fridge; what better way to loosen up this hot naked jock and get him to show off his big thick cock and mushroom head in front of the cameras? Friday night was just around the corner and Casey called me to let me know he’d be dropping by…

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Latin Cory Latin Cory

Cory is a sexy Latin jock and he lives just a few blocks from my place.

I can’t say we’re really tight, but we have hung out together several times, usually during a BBQ or watching a soccer game at somebody else’s place. Cory actually asked me to film a few of his team’s practices, what better way to get by foot in the door and maybe convince him into showing me a bit more of that sleeping boner he keeps underneath his shorts?

After they were done practicing, I invited him over to my place, hoping the Latin jock would be interested in watching me edit the footage. A few beers later, 6:00 pm had turned into 2:00 am! Cory was falling asleep on the couch and I told him it was okay if he wanted to just crash for the night. He didn’t think of it twice and in a matter of minutes I had a handsome sleeping jock in the studio. Now if only I could get a better look at his big sleeping boner and maybe awaken it from its slumber…

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Personal Trainer Brad

The gym has become my favorite place to hang out ever since straight jock Brad is my personal trainer.

Brad has been interested in my work since day one and he already participated in a shoot as my naked jock and I know we’ve both wanted to repeat the occasion. Brad also has many friends in the gym and he has been vital to helping me locate new talents; after all, what better place to find a hot naked jock with a big hard cock than at the gym?

As usual, my extensive collection of porn tapes always comes in handy to get the right mood and after inviting Brad over for some beers and watching straight porn, I could tell by the tent on his pants that we were ready to shoot ourselves a new video!

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Personal Trainer Brad (4)

Naked Australian Brent II

Brent – 28 | 6’ | 175

Due to your overwhelming requests for more of Brent we’ve brought him back for more!

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Naked Surfer Adam

Adam – 24 | 6’ | 175

We met Adam at a night club. He was interested in one of the girls with us and was happy to show off what he had to offer. He works in sales and has a real cool laid back style.

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Gym Instructor Andrew Gym Instructor Andrew

The local gym is a great place to meet straight men and Andrew is as straight as they come.

I struck a friendship with him upon discovering he is a huge classical wrestling fan. I am more into the entertainment themed wrestling, but since some of those stars have actual wrestling backgrounds, we found several topics to talk about. Latin men always catch my eye and such was the case with Andrew, as we talked about wrestling, staying fit and stuff, I could not help but wonder what his straight cock might look like.

Turns out Andrew has a girlfriend and he really cares for her, except for the fact she doesn’t approve of his taste for porn. It’s perfectly normal for straight men to talk about porn and even watch it together, so I invited Andrew over to my place for an evening of watching straight porn without worrying about girlfriends. He loved the idea!

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